The Freelance Dance

It's been exactly 3 months since I left my full-time job. Not everyone knows this, but I never stopped working the copywriting gig I picked up while in Costa Rica. When I returned to the U.S, I continued working remotely and maintained that position as supplemental income in addition to my full-time job. The only... Continue Reading →


Millennials: Why Our Bad Rep is Justifiable

“Do you think our generation lacks work ethic?” I was catching up with a friend who had just graduated with his Bachelor’s in Psychology, living at home, and had no real motivation for working a basic 9-5. “Maybe, yeah” he shrugged, as we continued to walk the pier at Coney Island. I, myself, had just... Continue Reading →

While Women Progress, Where Are Our Men?

In recent years, women have done a fantastic job of evolving their social status through higher education and professional acknowledgment, all while managing family life. The spotlight has been on the attempt to close the gender gap between males and females to ensure equality for everyone. But with all of the discussion of female empowerment,... Continue Reading →

Implications of the Transgender Movement

When popular opinion overrules scientific evidence or debate, society typically faces a danger where unsupported ideas become mainstream. Political correctness is such that anyone who dares diverge from the popular opinion is deemed a bigot. Unfortunately, this thinking paves the way for normalizing practices that should be considered carefully by professionals and yet they, too,... Continue Reading →

The Resignation

In my last post, I mentioned not being happy with my job. And I'm not sure if that really sunk in, but that meant I'd be leaving. By Jan 2019 boss lady knew I was leaving. Mid-end of January, boss lady hired a new Director. Now, if it wasn't important, I wouldn't mention it, but... Continue Reading →


I kind of left this hanging for a bit, so I'll start where I left off... I came back from Costa Rica and LIFE smacked me right in my face. "Who the fuck told you to come back?" She asked. My eyes welled up with tears and my pockets cried out loud. Everyday for about... Continue Reading →

Hiking Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca)

Peru is internationally known for its World Wonder, Machu Picchu, and less known for the incredible Rainbow Mountain. The mountain gets its unique colors from a mix of natural minerals and weathering. It's incredible in photos, and even more breathtaking in real life. So, if you're planning a trip to Peru, and visiting Vinicunca, here... Continue Reading →

Opportunities Abroad

Sometimes we can't always see the opportunity lying right in front of us. But on Friday, June 30th, a friend spun around from her laptop and clearly asked, "Tishely, do you want to go to Peru?!".  Uh, yes? "Tomorrow?", came the next prompt. Wait, what? She explained that her company was in dire need of... Continue Reading →

The Long Way Home

Everyone's reason for traveling is personal, but sometimes it's hard to determine the authenticity of the passion, or whether we're just obsessed with a more elite version of stamp collecting. The fixation of country counting, bucket list ticking, and global selfies can be perceived, simply, as obnoxious bragging. Travelers can be heard boasting about having... Continue Reading →

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