Hiking Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca)

Peru is internationally known for its World Wonder, Machu Picchu, and less known for the incredible Rainbow Mountain. The mountain gets its unique colors from a mix of natural minerals and weathering. It's incredible in photos, and even more breathtaking in real life. So, if you're planning a trip to Peru, and visiting Vinicunca, here... Continue Reading →


Opportunities Abroad

Sometimes we can't always see the opportunity lying right in front of us. But on Friday, June 30th, a friend spun around from her laptop and clearly asked, "Tishely, do you want to go to Peru?!".  Uh, yes? "Tomorrow?", came the next prompt. Wait, what? She explained that her company was in dire need of... Continue Reading →

The Long Way Home

Everyone's reason for traveling is personal, but sometimes it's hard to determine the authenticity of the passion, or whether we're just obsessed with a more elite version of stamp collecting. The fixation of country counting, bucket list ticking, and global selfies can be perceived, simply, as obnoxious bragging. Travelers can be heard boasting about having... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons You Should Stay at a Hostel

Hostels get a pretty bad rep, especially from people who have never actually experienced staying in one. And it doesn't help that movies tend to depict hostels as dirty, cheap, and dangerous, either. Though I can admit that you probably won't get starched, sparkly white bed sheets, hostels are an experience in themselves that all... Continue Reading →

Why You’re Better Off Traveling Solo

In 2015, I started my “solo” trip to Mexico with a group of friends who decided to book a Spring break trip to Cancun through a terrible company. However, the difference for me was that when their 5-day vacation was over, I would continue the journey alone to three other cities. From the very beginning,... Continue Reading →

Manuel Antonio’s Beach Life

Probably the best part about living in a tropical mountain are all the hidden beaches along the coast; Land which seems almost untouched. And those who do know about these pieces of magical land would be natives; Locals having already explored and learned their terrain. But we wanted to learn it as well. So a group... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Country?

I never shared my Mexico adventures with you, and I'm sorry I didn't. Because really, it's the reason I decided to pick up and move to Costa Rica. When I got back to the "real world" after 2 weeks in Mexico, I decided the real world wasn't for me. I was sitting in front of... Continue Reading →

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