My Wave

There comes a time when all of a sudden you aren’t confused.  Not to say you’re entirely clear on everything at once, but completely clear on at least one aspect  in your life. “This is what i should be doing….” but then you get side tracked. You have to be fast enough to grasp the opportunity, and maximize on it. Details, goals. Move!

And sometimes you still get side tracked.

Take advantage of the sign, just as importantly, the moment.

These periods fluctuate constantly, and it’s important to keep yourself sensitive and vulnerable enough to know when it’s happening. Then embrace it. Revelations.

This is NEW YORK CITY-Biggie, Hov, Diddy- cold, dark, gritty, the real, the high siddity <– that’s just where the flow of this went. But that’s my embodiment of this beautiful, disgusting place. Love it for the art, the drive, the lights. The food, entertainment, public transportation. Hate it for the concrete, brutal winters, high cost of living. The coastal water, population density, public transportation. You must be where you can thrive. New York City is built upon those with the drive to thrive economically.  And the way prices are set up- we have no choice but to work for as many dollars as possible. Now we have eight million over worked, stressed out, consistent bill paying, cold ass New Yorkers. The most amazing part of my city is the amount of people who choose to stay! So I’m on my wave.

It happened like this:

I woke up earlier than usual this morning; 6am-ish. I haaate mornings. Especially if it’s a morning I gotta work. Aye…

Su’s acting up, giving me her “excited to go out” puppy dance. I’m glad she’s so happy to go out to the same block everyday; convenient that I don’t actually have to walk her.

Outside is crisp, mid-30’s? Quiet. Beautiful, lightly sun kissed sky. My Brooklyn block. 

Appreciating this form of beauty is rare for me here. I want more of that. I need it. One more Coney Island Summer ❤

I’m definitely on my wave.


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