The Take Over

I was at a comedy show the other night, and this 23 year old kid from South Carolina was on stage. He made this one joke which made me laugh harder than anything else that night, and just recently resonated with my life so perfectly.

“When i go back down South and hang with the boys the conversations always go the same way ‘wassup wit ya’ll?’ and they always respond the same way… ‘Nothin’. Chillin. Tryna take over the world’ How you gonna take over the world without no Jewish friends?!?”

And of course he really means Jewish investors…there’s a bit of truth to that. That’s a reason why it was hilarious. How the fuck am i supposed to take over the world without no Jewish friends?

Last week I met up with my bro. He’s got a Jewish friend. A very smart, very invested Jewish friend. Hello, sir. Here I am. Here’s my talent. Here are my ideas. Wassup?

My strength is probably how easily I can connect with people deeper than “use me ,I’ll use you”. Personal connections are important. You, sir/ma’am, are a human being longing for someone, anyone to understand you. And here I am, your understanding friend. I even have jokes sometimes, and lots of interests. Interested in almost everything other than numbers. Words, colors,sounds-I got you. All I ask for are good vibes, energy, and boom! We’ve got potential, sweetheart.

So here we are; me, my bro, and my new Jewish friend. Vibing, bouncing ideas off one another, sharing, exchanging, engaging. We’re putting our brains together, creating a plan, tackling the presentation, building an empire? My head is in the clouds and I’m tryna take over the world.


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