Lessons From a Sparrow

I watched a bird fall today. Freely, intentionally, and I learned about angles. I learned about acceleration, about timing, about letting go. All from this little, insignificant sparrow. How significant it was.

This sparrow and his sparrow friends chillin’ on the fire escape and one spots some breadcrumbs near the trash. So it falls. And about three quarters of the way, only slightly spreads its wings and lets the wind carry it down so effortlessly. So effortless is a sparrow’s survival.

Do you know the amount of energy it took for me to get out of bed this morning? To get dressed and go to work? Work. For my survival, right?

And for all my clocked hours they might as well pay me in toilet paper to wipe my ass because this paper check, converted to paper dollars, is pretty much it’s equivalent. I can’t eat Benjamin Franklin’s  dead, printed face. This is survival?

I’m starving.

Why don’t we work building shelter and schools, teaching and healing, and get paid with bread to break ,water to hydrate, and wine to wind down?

Why don’t the entertainers dance, sing, tell stories, and jokes all for the laughter of the people, for their sparkling eyes, for the mere love of it?

Sweet, insignificant sparrow, you teach lessons far greater than you can imagine, and my complex human counterparts are still dumbfounded.


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