West Coast Comfort


5 hours til Vegas. West coast landscape cruises by. I’ve really been diggin’ my outfit since I left Frisco. My new San Francisco California Republic hoody: black, white letters, red tints, brown Cali bear :), denim short shorts, my intentional white chucks (because only a New Yorker would make it a point to buy shoes as a token of cultural appreciation), and pretty much the only handbag I own: red, flowers printed on the inside.

The bus is full of people from everwhere. I catch it in LA so lots of SoCal but so many different languages are being spoken at once; everyone’s excited about the fight. Pacquiao-Mayweather. I’d no idea this was the weekend I planned on going, and then when I found out, I still didn’t realize how big of a deal this is…but Jesus Christ…. After such a chill vacation, I don’t think I’m prepared for the turn up.


San Francisco is beautiful. You can see it on the hills. So many hills! It gets scary. Very much like NY, but brighter; Prettier. So much color, such pretty landscape, and beautiful weather.

All of the neighborhoods are comparable to a neighborhood in the city. The people are from everywhere, too, so it isn’t hard to relate. The Mexican food is obviously delicious, and the variety of Mexican people I met was beautiful.

Waiting for my burrito in the Mission District

I spent 3 days in San Francisco walking around the city. Eating in the Mission, drinking at a local bar on Haight, ninja kicking on the Golden Gate Bridge, and laughing at sea lions being pushed off the plank by other sea lions at the bay. And I got to see the beach and ride the buses and trains, I partied in Castro cuz they turn up even on a Tuesday, but I’m not done. There’s so much I didn’t get to explore. So many people I didn’t get the chance to meet. So many neighborhoods I never got the chance to even peek at. I can’t wait to come back.



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