Conversations Past with Pierre

Pierre is such a wise man. I love long talks with him. We chatted this morning while Su discovered the same dirty pavement she always discovers. We talked about life and work as usual. And I answered the same way I answer everyone when he asked,

“What do you want to do?”

“Nothing” I replied. You should’ve seen his face.

No one understands that answer. No one so far. And neither did he.

I told him I’m considering moving to the west coast for a bit and traveling around from there. Maybe open a business. And then I’d really love to settle on a mountain, probably in Puerto Rico. A mountain by the beach, and I’d build a sustainable house.

“You have the dream” he says ,”but you don’t have the goal. How are you going to get there? That’s why you wake up every morning”. He’s right, ya know. of course he is.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so lazy, immediately followed by not really giving a fuck. I just wanna live rich in love and wonder, joy, and the accumulation of wisdom. I need to be inspired. Maybe something will click when I get to the west coast. Maybe not. I don’t think it matters.


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