The Disturbance of the Day

So I’m on the train heading to work, and across from me sits this very large androgynous woman eating those 25 cent icee sticks. You know, those ones that come in the plastic and you slurp it out? 

Mind you, I hardly paid mind to her until she pulled out a plastic bag full of medicine. Pill bottles on pill bottles.

She proceeds to pull out a pen shaped object and before I could gather what was happening she stabs herself right in the top belly. No prepping or pricking, just a straight stab. That was fucking mortifying.

At that moment my eyes drop to the floor and my mind is WTFing in horror. I look up again and see another pen. I immediately divert my eyes.

Sighing heavily she puts her life tools away…AND THEN GETS OUT ANOTHER ICEE! In her defense, this one’s green -_-

But hold up…

So you’re life threateningly large but you still have the audacity to remain as ignorant as you are? Because you think stuffing artificial sugar filled water colors into your mouth continuously is going to improve your situation?

Dear America,

You created this. And you need to fix it.

Yours truly,

An American


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