Seeking Things & Finding

“Seek and you shall find”. I love bits of wisdom like that. Though I’ve been looking for my glasses since last night, and I’ve yet to see them. But I guess that’s why I need glasses.

If you knew you’d find what you sought, what would you look for? I’d guess first on most people’s list might be money. Then probably love. Regardless of what you’re seeking, you need to go further than the object. You need to seek the opportunity to get it. And you need to use your resources. Your skills. Your talents. Cuz if you can’t, that isn’t really an opportunity for anything. Someone else obviously has the advantage over you.

And you can’t do everything, you know that, don’t you? Who do you think you are, God? Someone else has got the talents you lack, what you need to succeed (in romantic love, this is that other person). No one makes it in this world alone. Even if only the divine, you have someone to thank. Swallow your pride and get that through your head. You’re headed for failure if you think so.

“Seek and you shall find”. What are you looking for?


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