Manuel Antonio’s Beach Life

Probably the best part about living in a tropical mountain are all the hidden beaches along the coast; Land which seems almost untouched. And those who do know about these pieces of magical land would be natives; Locals having already explored and learned their terrain. But we wanted to learn it as well.

Views from Maximo Nivel

So a group of us met at PlazaVista, where you can exchange your currency to pay for the extremely expensive $12 falafel just down the road (No Way, Homie). We walk down some feet before turning down the rocky dirt road for almost a mile, and we came across a land of sunshine and shade, married by the sea, and covered by the rocks.

The surfers give lessons for $10/hour, and I even get a full tour of his home;  A tent in the trees of the beach. He lives a sweet life that gets lonely. Me gusta. No creo que lo puedo hacer, pero me gusta. Everyone chooses their life.

ATL, London, Russia, London

Most the day we sit around drinking beers, half in the sun, half shaded by trees, mimicking one another’s accents; the English, the Russian, ATL Georgia (& surrounding areas) and me, NYC. We’re all enrolled in the TEFL certificate program at Maximo Nivel and seem to be running away from home to explore a new world and way of living.

We decide to grab dinner on the beach and catch an amazing sunset in the distance. We bump into two other mates (ah, ah?) and decide to chill out a bit longer. As the sun takes it’s light from my part of the world, the sky grows black and the stars shine bright. The moon is clearly shadowed by Earth creating a crescent. Fires are lit throughout the beach casting shadows in the distance. My angel plays reggae & dancehall through a speaker from directly behind me. This is a dream.


I sit away from the group in complete awe at what’s taking place around me. The sky is an infinite stage and I only want to dance into the sea. I walk to the shore to stare at the countless constellations I’ve never had the pleasure to see in real life. I can’t explain what’s got a hold of me, but I know I need to say a quick prayer and thank the heavens for leading me here.

Pura Vida, for real.



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