Week 12: San Jose, Costa Rica

It’s been 12 weeks since I left New York City. 12 weeks since I landed in Costa Rica. And 12 weeks of not knowing what to expect. See, back in NY, there was routine. I knew I was going to work somewhere in the city, I knew I was gonna see some friends, visit some family, I knew the neighborhoods I was going to party in on the weekend. It’s been 12 weeks, and every day for 12 weeks, my life has been different.

I started with the idea of getting my TEFL certificate and living on the beach, and I did. But I had no idea where I was going, or what I was doing, really. I had no idea the people I would meet, the things I would do. And I kinda still don’t. I’ve met people. A bunch. I’m a part of people’s lives and people are a part of mine. But things are changing so  fast and I know it isn’t going to stop for a while. After my first 4 weeks, I graduated and got my certificate. A week later, I was in Florida, then 2 days later back in Costa Rica, with my boyfriend, submitting my first pieces of freelance writing…

I came to Costa Rica with the intention of just being somewhere else. Somewhere in Latin America with tropical beaches where I would teach English. Right now, I live in the capital city, San Jose, where the climate is random, the beaches are hours away, and I’m working as a writer. Life is just gonna happen.

I had the sweetest, most ridiculous time while my boyfriend was here. It was nice to show him how I was living, introduce him to my new friends, and be us again for a while. And then I was back in my own world, doing what I do–navigating some shit I’ve never done before in every way possible. Right before he left, we lucked up in getting the sickest Airbnb for his stay in San Jose–I say his stay because my company got me a host family til I figured out where I would live, also he wasn’t supposed to come to San Jose at all but snow things in NYC canceled his flight–but now that’s where I’m living. A sick Park Ave apartment in San Pedro, San Jose with some pretty chill peeps who’ve got their own interesting story… but that’s another story…

I’ve been traveling back to the beach with Su on the weekends, and planning volcano hikes for the future. For the duration of my contract, I plan to travel Costa Rica and a bit of Central America before I go home. But who knows, right? Maybe I’ll end up singing along to someone’s guitar or something 😉

I promise to keep you posted. Til then, Pura Vida ❤


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  1. Beautiful. So lucky! If you don’t mind, how’d you do it?? I’m sorry if that question is a little awkward. I’m just so curious. It must cost a fortune! Traveling all the time. I’m really want to visit Costa Fica. And Europe. Italy too.

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