7 Reasons You Should Stay at a Hostel

Hostels get a pretty bad rep, especially from people who have never actually experienced staying in one. And it doesn't help that movies tend to depict hostels as dirty, cheap, and dangerous, either. Though I can admit that you probably won't get starched, sparkly white bed sheets, hostels are an experience in themselves that all... Continue Reading →


Seeking Things & Finding

"Seek and you shall find". I love bits of wisdom like that. Though I've been looking for my glasses since last night, and I've yet to see them. But I guess that's why I need glasses. If you knew you'd find what you sought, what would you look for? I'd guess first on most people's... Continue Reading →

The Disturbance of the Day

So I'm on the train heading to work, and across from me sits this very large androgynous woman eating those 25 cent icee sticks. You know, those ones that come in the plastic and you slurp it out?  Mind you, I hardly paid mind to her until she pulled out a plastic bag full of... Continue Reading →

What Is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop is a culture like any other encompassing language, dance, it is the music. Such as everything alive, it is ever growing, ever evolving, ever changing. So much so that it's a debate to determine which songs belong in the category. "That's not MY Hip Hop, though. Chill." So how do we actually decide?... Continue Reading →

Stone Face

Something tells me though she may not be inner-city, she may have been here frequently growing up. She's young. Maybe 15, 16. Full face of make up. Dressed well, like she's in her fashionable mid twenties. Casual Friday morning. She watches my dog as we walk into the train car. I can't even guess what... Continue Reading →

Lessons From a Sparrow

I watched a bird fall today. Freely, intentionally, and I learned about angles. I learned about acceleration, about timing, about letting go. All from this little, insignificant sparrow. How significant it was. This sparrow and his sparrow friends chillin' on the fire escape and one spots some breadcrumbs near the trash. So it falls. And... Continue Reading →

Unnecessary Distraction

It would've made more sense had I not missed my stop I was distracted, my eyes were blurry And probably right as my bus took off from the curb I should've taken to Things got fuzzy, and I wasn't quite clear anymore It's these moments that always pull me back for a second Back into... Continue Reading →

The Affect of The Man

I was on the subway the other day, and as I stepped into the 7 train on Times Square, I saw this man. He was sitting beside the doors, in the middle of a 3-person seating, and stared straight ahead out of these icy, bold blue eyes. His heart wrapped in olive, tanned skin. His... Continue Reading →

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