The Long Way Home

Everyone's reason for traveling is personal, but sometimes it's hard to determine the authenticity of the passion, or whether we're just obsessed with a more elite version of stamp collecting. The fixation of country counting, bucket list ticking, and global selfies can be perceived, simply, as obnoxious bragging. Travelers can be heard boasting about having... Continue Reading →


Everyone Wants to Talk About Money

This post is long overdue. I said I would write up a breakdown of just how I managed to get the money to afford my life in Costa Rica--which is NOT cheap, by the way. So here goes.... First and foremost, I worked my ass off. I am by no means "well off". I never... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Country?

I never shared my Mexico adventures with you, and I'm sorry I didn't. Because really, it's the reason I decided to pick up and move to Costa Rica. When I got back to the "real world" after 2 weeks in Mexico, I decided the real world wasn't for me. I was sitting in front of... Continue Reading →

Seeking Things & Finding

"Seek and you shall find". I love bits of wisdom like that. Though I've been looking for my glasses since last night, and I've yet to see them. But I guess that's why I need glasses. If you knew you'd find what you sought, what would you look for? I'd guess first on most people's... Continue Reading →

Lessons From a Sparrow

I watched a bird fall today. Freely, intentionally, and I learned about angles. I learned about acceleration, about timing, about letting go. All from this little, insignificant sparrow. How significant it was. This sparrow and his sparrow friends chillin' on the fire escape and one spots some breadcrumbs near the trash. So it falls. And... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night

It all started with the coca tea from Ecuador. What a fucking zinger. Like a natural shot of espresso. FYI-I've never sniffed coke. The night is full of the eccentric; the minority. I met a scientist at a pregame she hosted in her LES apartment. Super tiny tenement on Stanton that's been modernized, modified, and... Continue Reading →

My Wave

There comes a time when all of a sudden you aren't confused.  Not to say you're entirely clear on everything at once, but completely clear on at least one aspect  in your life. "This is what i should be doing...." but then you get side tracked. You have to be fast enough to grasp the... Continue Reading →

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