Swiping Left on the Jon

So this is what it's come to- pooping while swiping left. That's the definition of boredom. I've been actually single for about 4 months now. And when I say "actually", I mean no nobody. Nobody texting, calling, hanging with; no bone buddy. But there's always someone willing. I'm good. Right up until this point; the... Continue Reading →


The Perfect D

When you find it, it isn't easy to let go.  I wouldn't go as far as saying that it's driven me crazy, but when you find something so perfect, so beautiful, so fulfilling it's hard to leave behind. It's amazing what it does to the senses. Untampered, so natural. Ugh, it's attachment. Why you? But why... Continue Reading →

Love & Mud

The first time you fall in love it happens so effortlessly, with or without your consent. We're not really questioning the progress, no hesitations. It just happens. You didn't ask for the hole to be there. You didn't see it from afar. But you made it to the edge and fell in. Delusional; it feels... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night

It all started with the coca tea from Ecuador. What a fucking zinger. Like a natural shot of espresso. FYI-I've never sniffed coke. The night is full of the eccentric; the minority. I met a scientist at a pregame she hosted in her LES apartment. Super tiny tenement on Stanton that's been modernized, modified, and... Continue Reading →

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