J’ouvert J’ouvert J’ouvert!!!

And all this time I was under the impression that NYC didn't have a Carnaval. I was so wrong. J'ouvert is the pre-labor day parade party that starts late Sunday night and goes into labor day. Crowds of people walk towards Eastern Parkway for their space at The West Indian day parade to celebrate a... Continue Reading →


Swiping Left on the Jon

So this is what it's come to- pooping while swiping left. That's the definition of boredom. I've been actually single for about 4 months now. And when I say "actually", I mean no nobody. Nobody texting, calling, hanging with; no bone buddy. But there's always someone willing. I'm good. Right up until this point; the... Continue Reading →

Seeking Things & Finding

"Seek and you shall find". I love bits of wisdom like that. Though I've been looking for my glasses since last night, and I've yet to see them. But I guess that's why I need glasses. If you knew you'd find what you sought, what would you look for? I'd guess first on most people's... Continue Reading →

The Perfect D

When you find it, it isn't easy to let go.  I wouldn't go as far as saying that it's driven me crazy, but when you find something so perfect, so beautiful, so fulfilling it's hard to leave behind. It's amazing what it does to the senses. Untampered, so natural. Ugh, it's attachment. Why you? But why... Continue Reading →

The Disturbance of the Day

So I'm on the train heading to work, and across from me sits this very large androgynous woman eating those 25 cent icee sticks. You know, those ones that come in the plastic and you slurp it out?  Mind you, I hardly paid mind to her until she pulled out a plastic bag full of... Continue Reading →

Conversations Past with Pierre

Pierre is such a wise man. I love long talks with him. We chatted this morning while Su discovered the same dirty pavement she always discovers. We talked about life and work as usual. And I answered the same way I answer everyone when he asked, "What do you want to do?" "Nothing" I replied.... Continue Reading →

Delusions in Vegas

Vegas is a big dream of unnecessary bullshit. Amazing, really. The strip is long , but you can def walk without dying as long as it's early in the morning or late at night, when the sun isn't  so strong. Also, don't try to take any shortcuts through the casinos because you'll never make it... Continue Reading →

West Coast Comfort

5 hours til Vegas. West coast landscape cruises by. I've really been diggin' my outfit since I left Frisco. My new San Francisco California Republic hoody: black, white letters, red tints, brown Cali bear :), denim short shorts, my intentional white chucks (because only a New Yorker would make it a point to buy shoes as... Continue Reading →

Meditative Pacific

We're going into town. Santa Cruz is a beach community. Apparently they love dogs, too. Everywhere you go there's a pooch, and at the coast, climb down a bunch of rocks and there's your beach. There's an amazing boardwalk, too. Reminds me of Coney Island. But nicer. Cleaner. More maintained. Quiet. Everyone's really enjoying their day... Continue Reading →

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